Mar. 5, 1987 Established Sung Suk industrial Co. at #682-2, Taejon-dong, Buk-gu, Taegu, Korea
Sep. 1, 1987 Started developin the Hydraulic Loom (P.P,P.E Water-Jet Loom)
Oct. 30, 1989 Compited the development of the Hydraulic Loom(P.P,P.E Water-Jet Loom)
Mar. 5, 1990 Started mass production of the Hydraulic Loom
Sep. 18, 1990 Extended the business capacity, and moved to the factory located at #1451, Bisan-7dong, Seo-gu, Taegu, Korea
Oct. 29. 1990 Added the business item to the weaving of tarpauline (Manufacturing of machinery)
Oct. 23. 1990 Obtained the approval for changing the business type to the Manufactring or machinery (Hydraulic Loom) from the Small & Medium industry Promotion Corporation.
Oct. 30. 1990 Completed the review for technical feasibility given by the Korean Machinery Research Institute.
Nov. 30, 1998 Won usd 1million export prize form Korea Trading Association
Feb. 1, 2000 Registered as a limited company named SUNG SUK CO., LTD.